How is B24 treatment different from other brands?

Let your clients shampoo their hair after only 24 hours instead of 3-4 days of waiting period required when using other brands.

The B24 formula, offered exclusively by The Keratin Inc., allows for the client to wash their hair after only 24 hours. The drastic difference between B24 Brazilian Keratin hair Treatment and other relaxers on the market is that once the product has been washed from the hair after the 24 hours of penetration period, the client can still wear their hair curly or wavy. Because this treatment is heat-activated, silky smooth straight hair is achieved easily by applying heat from a blow dryer. Whether a client chooses to wash-and-go or blow their locks straight, the hair will maintain body and shine.

Let your clients walk out of salon with full, light, shiny hair - No more pasty look, no residue - with less time spent.

B24 uses a liquid base spray-on formula. Unlike other creamy pasty products that leave a thick, heavy coating on the hair, B24 treatment will leave no residue, resulting in silky smooth hair from the moment the service is performed. Other brush-on creamy formulas use more product, tend to leave a filmy residue on the hair, and is harder to manipulate while performing the service. It can take up to twice the time to perform a brush-on service than the time it takes to perform the B24 Treatment service.

Keratin in liquid form penetrates faster through the hair cuticles than other creamy formulas, which in turn eliiminates the leave-in time during application as required by other creamy formulas. It simply is more convenient for the clients and more profitable for the professionals.

B24 Liquid Keratin Treatment also contains collagen in the formula to further enhance the effect of the treatment.

50% less fume during treatment!

When you go through a treatment, you will notice that there is substantially less fume.

B24 Keratin Treatment truly lasts 3-4 month.

B24 formulas contains very low level of formaldehyde. Right amount of formaldehyde mixed in our formula truly yields 3~4 mohths of treatment span while assuring the safety.


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