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What is the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment?

The Brazilian Keratin hair Treatment is an innovative process that transforms the hair without chemically altering the hair strands, but by sealing the hair in keratin. The Brazilian straightener is a keratin based solution that gently relaxes the hair and removes the frizz. Its true allure lies in its versatility.  Hair can be styled either curly or straight and the effects of the treatment are temporary. It gradually washes out allowing hair to revert back to it's original texture.

What is keratin? Why is it important?

Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. Most of the keratin that people interact with is actually dead; hair, skin, and nails are all formed from dead cells which the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath. If the dead cells are kept in good condition, they will serve as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new keratin below them. Damage to the external layer of keratin can cause skin, hair, and nails to look unhealthy or flaky. In general, the thicker the layer of keratin, the healthier the hair or nail is, because the dead cells outside protects the living cells at the core. Keeping the external layer of keratin moisturized will also keep it healthy and prevent cracking and splitting.  The use of a keratin-based product adds moisture and strength to hair damaged by blow drying, coloring, and traditional relaxers.

What is the difference between a traditional relaxer and the Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment?

Traditional relaxers work by breaking the hair bonds and permanently changing the molecular structure of the hair. This method of straightening weakens and dehydrates the hair ultimately causing irreversible damage. Once the damage is done the only options are either learning to live with the poor results or cutting the hair. Furthermore, if your hair is color treated, processed, or already in poor condition the use of a traditional relaxer is strongly discouraged.

Brazilian Keratin Treatments offer a gentle, commitment free alternative to anyone that wants to relax their hair but would like to avoid the destructive results of a traditional straightener.  Keratin treatments will never break the hair bonds. Instead, they will form a protective coating over the hair that will impart a brilliant shine. Keratin hair treatment is the perfect solution for anyone that wants healthy and manageable hair.

How does the Brazilian Keratin Treatment  work?

The keratin based formulas will rebuild and strengthen the hair while locking in moisture and leaving it absolutely frizz free. It works by bonding to the hair and forming a protective coating. This coating rebuilds and strengthens the hair and the formaldehyde in the treatment preserves it for 3~4 months. It will gradually wash out of the hair without leaving any lines of demarcation. The treatments are effective on all hair types and can be used over color treated, processed, damaged, or previously relaxed hair.

How long will it last?

The protective coating will last approximately 3-4 months depending on home care. However, the less the hair is washed the longer this protective is preserved. It is also essential that sodium free hair care products are used. Swimming in the ocean or pools is also discouraged as salt or chlorine will diminish the life expectancy of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

What can be expected from the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

It will relax the hair approximately 80-90% and will remove all frizz from the hair. It is also heat activated therefore cutting down styling time. Results vary from client to client depending on the original texture of the hair. Although some wave might remain, all frizz is eliminated. Hair that is very damaged (damaged or dry ends) might reflect the appearance of a failed Brazilian Keratin Treatment, but this is not the case and is in fact due to the damaged structure of the hair. A light trim after the service is always recommended. It will leave hair pliable, flexible, and with volume. A client may wear their hair either curly or straight. It will slowly wash out and the hair will revert back to its original texture. The effects of the Brazilian Keratin Treatments are cumulative which means that the hair will become straighter if the treatment is done consecutively over a period of time.

What should not be expected from the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

Because the Brazilian Keratin Treatment does not disturb the molecular structure of the hair, it does not yield pin straight results. But this is a good thing. Traditional relaxers work by breaking the hair bonds and resetting them. In time the hair is weakened and the only alternative is to cut the hair or learn to live with the damaged results. Also, once hair has been relaxed with a traditional relaxer there is no turning back because the hair has been permanently restructured.

Can it be used over processed hair?

Yes it can and it actually works better when applied over processed hair. Hair that has been chemically treated is porous therefore giving the Brazilian treatment a good foundation with which to bond. It can be used over color treated and previously relaxed hair. Although the Brazilian Keratin Treatment will not damage the hair, it should be noted that improper use of the flat iron can. The high heat(F450) that is required demands swift and smooth strokes, not long lingering ones. We usually encourage stylists to use a coated flat iron.

Is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment safe?

In 1986 the CIR labeled formaldehyde safe for use in cosmetics at a level of .2% or lower. Phenoxyethanol has been labeled safe at levels of .5%-1%. Although most of the keratin based straightners in the market fall into the safe level outlined above, it is strongly advised that hair professionals pay careful attention to the label when choosing a product.

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a commonly used preservative. It is used in food, cosmetics, building materials, fertilizer, paper, antiseptics, medicine, and embalming fluid. Low levels of formaldehyde can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. It is possible that people with asthma may be more sensitive to the effects of inhaled formaldehyde. For this reason, it is important to perform the Brazilian Straightening service in a well ventilated area.

What is cuticle opener?

The Cuticle Opener is a spray on solution that is required for people with virgin hair or a virgin root re-growth of an inch or more. The Cuticle Opener will gently "puff" the root, therefore giving the Brazilian treatment something to "hold on". Virgin hair tends to be considerably less porous than chemically treated hair and a Brazilian Keratin Treatment applied on virgin hair that has not been treated with a Cuticle Opener will not last long.

NOTE: lf the entire head has been pre-treated with a Cuticle Opener; a clarifying shampoo should not be used. Instead, the hair should be washed with a mild shampoo. Once the Cuticle Opener is applied to the hair it DOES NOT need to be re-applied before future Brazilian Straightening services unless you are touching up new virgin root re-growth.

How to care for hair after the treatment.

Use sodium chloride free shampoos and conditioners only. Sodium chloride will strip the product from the hair.

Do not Wash your hair frequently. The less you wash your hair the more the effects will last. (As an alternative to washing your hair you can rinse your hair with plain water)

Swimming in the ocean or pools is also discouraged as salt or chlorine will diminish the life expectancy of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.


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